Dr Strangelove.

I was watching Dr Strangelove last night, marvelling at the genius of Peter Sellers, and I was reminded of a T Shirt design I did recently, that Cafe Press strangely blocked. Anyway, they unblocked it now, so you can buy it. It is number one of a to be continued Thanks For All The AIDS series, dedicated to our dear Killers In High Places, saying their prayers out loud. Which reminds me. I got an email off a female person called Emma yesterday, that said:

Dear Akira The Don

I know you don't believe in my "Skygod", but He believes in you, and so do I. I am praying for you, and for all of us. I hope you don't mind.

I found that rather touching.

Please continue your prayers, folks. But, when you're done, email your MP, or write to your congressman, or similar, voicing your feelings on these matters of which we speak. I have no idea whether there is a Spooky Man in the clouds who answers our calls, but I do know that Killers In High places are but mortal fools, and if there is a He, He is certainly not listening to Them. However, They will have to listen to us, if we are loud.

Nos da.

PS - if anyone knows how to put a little roof on that "o" in the middle of the "n" and the "s", do tell - it needs one.

PPS - I got my laptop back from the fixers today, so I can record my B-Side and Bravecaptain's song this weekend, hopefully. My B-Side is called Genocide Is Coming To America, and it is quite long and sad and the rapping doesn't stop ever. Bravecaptain's is called Jerusalem, and my bits have nothing at all to do with Chris de Burgh's incredible, but lyrically misguided Crusader. At all at all.