Really, weed is such irritating bullshit. I am sick of it. It makes my belly churn and head ache. It renders mornings unimaginable feats of human endurance. It makes a mess. It encourages poor diet (like I need encouragement). Last night was aight, by the way. Not sure about this YOB business, mind.

Hey! They’ve invented Jpeg viruses. If you run Microsoft Explorer pictures mean poison. Get Mozilla. It is so much better it is silly.

This Newgrounds place is incredible. My ‘Drinking Song Video’ is one of their main selections, and, if you peep its page, you’ll notice it has been viewed 26,964 times, has 1,644 votes and has received 118 reviews. A better version should be going up any moment, and a non Flash version should be with us later. Hail.