Doop, Doobie Doobie Doop

Drugs - Bad, M\'kay? Good morrow baby. It's a beautiful day here in the East London industrial park - the sun squints down coolly, Max B blares from the speakers, and I am giddy from coffee and cigarettes and half a cream cheese bagel, shared with my fine woman, who has left on her daily mission to The Kings Road, where she gives herself to commerce and learns skills.

Not for much longer either, which is exciting. Spring is looking super dope.

I actually managed to make some new music last night, which was awesome. Some squelchy whiteboy P Funk type ish. You'e gonna love it. It's rare. So rare.

And its Wednesday. Which means I gots two days to make new music, before I go back to Hastings to sit down with the A&R and and The Manager and The Producer to listen to what we've spent the past year doing. I hope it snows, and the trains still run. That would be dope. I wanna make a snow-blob.

Check this - I was in the shower, and Radio 4 was blaring away, rabbiting on about how the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs are recommending that the government drop ecstasy from class A to class B. The government are rejecting this outright, for reasons of Daily Mail-appeasing Dumb Politik, obviously. Some dude was talking about how dropping it down to a B sends "the wrong message."

"We're talking about people's lives here," said the man. "Regardless of the findings, young people out clubbing do not need to be told that ecstasy is safer than coke or heroin. This is life or death, and that sends the wrong message."

Now I'm not going to tell people that ecstasy is as safe as water, because it isn't - I lost a lot of what was my brilliant memory after all the pills I popped between 97 and 02 - but, nah, brother, it is YOU that's sending the wrong message. A terrible, stupid, entirely dangerous message. What you're actually saying is, coke and heroin are in the same league as ecstasy. Which is wrong, and Dumb. And dangerous - because if some kids that have been merrily chomping today's watered down pills and - factus wow - not dying, or getting addicted, then they're gonna enter a great big Galaxy of Pain if they take the same attitude to The Big Two. That is where the danger lies, mister. Take it from someone who knows.