Today I am recovering from a large amount of chronic and another epic recording session starring Manchester's finest, Enveh, newly-bearded Dego "Food" Brown, and Morty, who happens to be deep like river, word to somebodies mother. I think we banged out another six songs, which is good going for anybodies Saturday.

I just bade farewell to the Bravecaptain. His Mary has taken him back to Cardiff. He spent his last night in London at a Bob Dylan party, at which he threw a sick-less whitey. He is a hero. A departing hero. This is sad, but probably good for my and Jeres' livers. Bye Martin! We miss you!

I am supposed to be catching up on communication today. I have made it through about 7% of the pile. I am now going to eat roast potatoes. I shall return. Fat.