Invest In Your Art

That's Narstie, me, and Mr Lacey up there, amidst our #ATD28 recording session, which was super fun and a greta success. We mashed out two glorious jams for the upcoming mixtape, which you can preorder here, and is shaping up very nicely indeed. Look out for a wee audio preview in a Vlog I'm dropping tomorrow.

As you can see, I'm wearing a #PAIN shirt, one of just ten Narstie made up to see how they looked. Well, they look lovely, and will be on sale via The Little Shop Of Awesome and Grime Daily soon.

Now, look at this for a nice letter:

Greetings, Akira!

First off, thanks for the music you've been making; I discovered your stuff after coming across the Street Fighter Mixtape, and I must say I was hooked at first listen--that thing is just ridiculously AMAZING. Ever since discovering it, I've been itching to share it more than word of mouth and link exchanging can do, and it is thus the reason of this e-mail.

Y'see, I manage a YouTube channel dedicated to doujin music (fanmade music), and through it I try to dabble in all sorts of genres and releases, and since I'm quite an eclectic bloke, your mixtape is one I've been really wanting to upload for all to listen and enjoy. I know you have your own channel and could pretty much upload it yourself, but I sincerely would love it if you gave me permission to do so myself. Credit will obviously be given and I will gladly add links to your website(s). My intentions are genuine; I want to reach people that may not know who you are to know you through this mixtape...just like I did.

Whatever your response, please let me know. I thank you enough already for your time.

Much respect.


How polite! What manners! Amazing. Anyway, of course you can upload my music to Youtube Mr Zeke. Having people upload your music to their youtube channels (and put links to your site and twitter page in the description) is pretty much the ultimate sign of respect in the modern world.

You can check Zeke's channel here.

I got a lot of Street Fighter messages today. Turns out the ultimate fighting game turns 25 this year. Time to dust off that Street Fighter mixtape? It never got a professional mastering job, that's for sure. If there's one great thing I started doing over the past year or so, it was getting my stuff professionally mastered. Now I don't ruin my songs by over-compressing them at the last minute, ans they always sound brilliant. I get to concentrate on what I'm good at: recording and mixing great music. And I  don't have to stress about the end result. Thank you MC Lars for that greta bit of advice you gave me, which I will pass on now to anyone reading this:

Invest in your art.

Amen. Let us finish with some wisdom from the great Calvin:


Oh, one more thing.