Don't Stop Believing

I was kind of in shock, last night. I couldn't work on my Silicon Vultures remix anymore. So, I stayed up till 2 reading comics, then I lay awake for an hour or so failing miserably to achieve past-life-regression, dreamed about war, got up at 10, and was drenched by sunshine. Sun to me is like crack to a Fiend. I put on some Journey records and caught up with my correspondence (when I say "caught up", I mean, "nibbled at the edges of the mountain", but so what? It is an achievement regardless). When I'd run out of Journey records, I put on SKY FM. It was playing Journey. I was glad. Journey make me feel great. 'Don't Stop Beliveing' is one of my Desert Island Discs.

I knew they would play 'Don't Stop Believing' at the end of The Sopranos, and they did. The Sopranos is over now. The perfect end to the perfect series. The Sopranos justified the televisual medium. No written word communicated so perfectly the human condition as that show. The last few frames made my heart stop, momentarily. And that last shot of Pauly broke my heart. If you don't have a clue what I am on about, I suggest you set aside a little time, and start at the beginning. The Sopranos was as good as Fear And Loathing, Dead Babies, Little Women and Watchmen.

A while ago, I sampled 'Don't Stop Believing'. I kind of had it pegged as the centrepiece for album number two. But I dunno now. Maybe I should leave well enough alone.

Yo, I want this for my birthday.