Don’t Be A Fool Billy!

Here, dear rader, is that comic strip I was working on last week.

Don't Be A Fool Billy!

Taken from the latest issue of The Stool Pigeon. Yes, you can OWN that comic up there, and read it as it was meant to be read - ON THE TOILET. Blaow!

Thelazyones tell me "there's lots at coffee brick lane". Which is true. There's a complete list of stockists here.

So, Zef is gonna be in the building this afternoon! YES! I get to personally whip his ass till he's finished my new website! I'm gonna lock him in the attic and feed him fish heads! OG BH BOY!

Seriously though, any questions for the mighty ZEF, leave them in the comments.

I'm a leave you with the boy in question's first full length MIX. POW!

zeFM's Italo Disco MixbyzeFM