Don Studios IV looks like a BOMB HIT IT. That is because I have been Checking Stock. And checking stock has revealed that I am SUPER LOW on pretty much EVERYTHING.

Just eight LITF hats left! Seven Unkillable Thunderchrist prints left! Just four complete Nostalgia Swag Bags left! No Revolution Ts left in XL and XXL! 2 Kidnapping Ts! Three Omega Sanction Ts! Twelve hoodies! Eight Unkillable Thunderchrist CDs! And so on!

I suggest you get your ass down to the shop and grab what you want before it's all gone. I might reprint the Revolution Ts, but that's probably it. Gonna be coming with a bunch of new stuff next month. Holla if there's anything in particular you'd like to see!

Oh, and I did a MAJOR post run yesterday, so if you're waiting on anything, it should show up pretty soon, if it hasn't already.

Actually, you know what? I'm gonna send a discount code to everyone that's bought something off me before. Check your inbox in 5432...!

So recently someone was in the comments of one of my Youtube videos asking where they could get a song I did back in 06 or something called DOWNLOAD... I had no idea., as that was on the harddrive that fell off atable in New York, along with many albums worth of unreleased material, and I'd forgotten about it.

How about that? Blessings to the homie Justin who sent me that message on Twitter, and has upped the song, which I will duly add to the archives. Is there anything else anyone's missing? Let me know and I will pass it on to the #DONARMY, who will SAVE US ALL!

PS, someone made this from my Prometheus review. SHOCKING. But is a much more concise review.