DON VLOG 27/05/12: Akira The Don & Wade Crescent in LA! I'd packed my bag and was just about to hop in the cab to LAX when I realised I hadn't recorded a VLOG for you yet. GADZOOKES! Luckily I had my wife's Xperia that Fat Tony's friend's recently passed auntie saved the other day, so I recorded a quick bit of Californian vloggage for y'all, co-starring my dear friend and host Wade Xavier Crescent... and the most amazing soes the world has ever seen. They are literally the first item of clothing I have ever come across that i would gladly do an advert for, because they are so incredibly FLY. And superheroic. MY GOD THOSE THINGS!

Check back here tomorrow for a great big photo packed blog covering the final third of my US adventure, then get ready for an onslaught of video-based THUNDERCHRISTIANTY.