DON VLOG 20/05/12: Recording In The Bay With ISSUE BOOM! Have you some footage of me and Issue during our rather epic 13 hours session in Fremont's legendary STREET SYMPHONY studios yesterday, with the ultra G Deegan Mack Adams!

It was an amazing time. We were working on our collaborative LP, World's Finest. We made six songs! Six very ace, inspirational, trippy, weird, and joyous songs. It was an honour and a provedle to spend time and create great art with the young enigma ISSUE, who kept his mask on the whole time and writes verses in the time it was taking me to discuss the approach to the song... and it was a joy to work with Deegan, because as a production minded rap engineer he does exactly the same sort of shit with vocals and the song's beat I would... but better. And for the first time in a very long time, all I had to do was write my raps and perform them in the booth.

I was also blessed to talk with E-40 on the phone, who apologies for not being able to make it down to the studio and was very flipping nice. "Enjoy it, and make every second in there count," he said, wisely.

I will write more tomorrow, but right now i gott run and get the BART back to Frisco to take part in this crazy wacky races shit that's going on today.