Don Shoes! Out Now!

See that? That's a video of me showing you the precious DON SHOES. And the packaging process, and giving you a sneaky peek at the official DON SHOES ANTHEM.

Don Shoes, you ask? DON SHOES?

Yes, that is right. My name is Akira The Don and I approve these shoes.

To start, we have TWO SHOES!

The Akira The Don Plimsoll, with the world famous Akira The Don logo printed all over it (both sides bubba!)!


And The Omega Sanction Hi-Top featuring Jack Kirby "inspired" artwork by ME on each shoe.



There's some more swell photos in this awesome gallery! Check out world famous Scouse Songsmith Superstar Martin Carr - who bought the first pair - in his!

Los are £19.99, Hitops are £24.99. We ship worldwide for a flat fee of £4 (it actually costs me £10 to send to the USA, for example, but I don't wanna peanlise you poor sods just not living in the same country as me). The plimsols come in sizes 3-12, and the hi-tops run from 3-11. That's British. If you need to know what that is in American, or European, or whatever, there's a handy size guide here.

I have also been asked if they're vegan. My worker elves tell me that "the shoe is canvas and rubber... the only question mark is over whether the glue is from animal bones or not and we don't know that for sure."


BUY Akira The Don Plimsoll!



BUY Akira The Don Hi Tops!


And please send me photos of you in your shoes so I can put them in that gallery! akirathedon at