Don Shelves (.c)

People often ask me, 'Mister The Don, how, owning as many fine books and records and movie films as you do, does a man of your limited means house such splendorous trophies in an affordable, comfortable and space efficient fashion?'

I tend to say, 'Well noticed, fellow human! I DO own many fine and splendorous works of entertainment. Thanks for asking'. Then I say, 'Well buddy, a lifetime of living on the edge has made me quite the creative sort. Take my shelves. I make my shelves out bricks and planks of wood I find on the side of the road.'

'Wow', people usually say. 'What a great idea. I'm glad I got to ask you about it. Now I can aply your groundbreaking methods to MY situation'.

'No problem', I say. That'll be five hundred pounds.'

Saying that, I have moved up a bit in the word lately. And my plush new pad in Hackney Wick has shelves made not of the usual road side driftwood, but fresh, legal planks given to me by my new landlord, a fine old gentleman who has spent the past 40 odd years making furniture, and just retired, leaving a workshop full of lush, dusty wood out back of my yard.

And these aren't the usual bust up old road bricks either, but BRAND NEW dusty sand coloured bricks they've been building bungalows with round the corner. They were stacked on a pallet and everything. I'd like to thank BJ and Colin for helping carry them.

By the way, if you can't find any bricks, old videos do the job just fine, as you can see from picture one. And in picture three, you'll notice another method - the "two planks of wood with nails banged into them" method. That's my newest.

ALSO! If, like me, you have had eight billion entirely useful cables tangled in a huge terrifying wire ball under the desk, get yourself a big plank of wood, bang nails into it, and voila! The perfect place to hang your wires, easily accessible at any time. First you'll have to untangle that ball. I did this last week, the bugger took me five and a half hours. I was listening to Stephen Fry reading Harry Potter though, the time just flew by.

Happy building!