Don Of The Day 100

Top right baby, in the circle. That subtle shit is Don of The Day. A lot of people think its like, random photos, or old photos, or I got them qued up or some shit. NAH B. That's Don Of The Day. so that's ME on the DAY I post it. Idea is you're gonna be able to see an evolution of my magnificent features over time, like a flickbook. Like, in twenty years you'll be able to see me reaching my majesty, in a gradient fashion. Actually, in twenty yeas I'll probably have had to upload my consciousness into some kind of Nanocloud like in Transmetropolitan or some shit, but that's by the by. Today we, and when I say we I mean the blue blooded, funny-waving, inbreeding ROYAL WE reached Don Of The Day Number ONE HUNDRED!


I was all like, damn, I totally need to do something cool, then I couldn't think of anything , and I was really busy with ATD25 anyway, and then a few hours ago my little brother's woman took that picture of me up there texting a picture of my brothers and their girlfriends to Zef who is in Cornwall and thus couldn't go to dinner with all his brothers and their women (apart from mine, who is in Brighton) in London, and I liked it a lot, so I thought I'd use that, as it captures me in one of my many essences, and that is partly the point. And if that sentence confused you I can only apologize, and blame my lack coherent of poetry on the fact that I've been mixing songs for two days straight and I have tinitis and my eyes have gone all googley. So I think that, since it's 02:35 am, I had probably better go to bed, and maybe ride a motorcycle on the wall for half an hour, or read my Alesiter Crowley book, then have a wee sleep, because tomorrow DJ Jack Nimble is going to come round and help me mix ATD25 together with all the songs that will be back from the masterers, where they are being mastered them RIGHT NOW, in a secret mastering lab in Bristol.