Dogg's words

And now for a change of correspondent. Adam is currently tearing at his blonde mane in frustration at some particularly tricky rizla woes, so I, the Dogg, am deputizing. So, tonight.> Well, Cecelia and I have had a very civilized, pleasant evening with the cultured charms of Beaver the wine connoisseur on a smoke search sidequest. Now this encounter was surprising and refreshing in that Beaver, fresh and flushed from a heavy wine testing session, was gleefully discussing Euro 2004 without recourse to the word "soccer". We watched in shared joy at the Germans' departure. "We would have won if we had scored more goals," claimed the poor fools.

Several samples of rather expensive wines (in price order) later, and we departed into the New York night with re-stocked supplies and a recommendation to visit the Africa Day Concert in Central Park.

Central Park, incidentally, is marvelous. Just look at the glorious photos below. They have this brilliant miniature boat lake that you will recognize if you've watched any American film ever. Oh, and there are lots of trees.

It's rather nice you know.

Well enough of this writing escapade, my finger is tired from typing. I'm off to my brandy and cigar.