Do You Wanna Know What's Next? BEATS!

Neither Jack Nimble or Chilly Gonzales came round today to hang out with me and my stinking cold, but Narstie did. He was outside my house for ten minutes beeping his horn and sending a barrage of text messages while I was in the kitchen juicing raw ginger and drinking it out of a shot glass.

Narstie has a new whip, the colour of which it took us seven minutes to decide to be "petrol purple," and he hasn't had any road rage in it yet. He showed me his new video for the amazing GAS LEAK, and I showed him BABYDOLL. We were both very proud of each other.

We then spent an hour listening to beats. Here's a nice video of that very thing:

"You always supply the pain, so today I thought I'd bring YOU the pain," said Narstie. So, aside from the first beat, all the ones we listened to were by two other very dope producers - namely Psy:am and Mr Virgo - and different to what I'd make for myself, which is ill.

We chose the Right One, wrote it, and recorded it. Can you guess which? Although I'm gonna have to redo my hook as I sound far too like a man with a cold, which is what I am. It's beautiful, anyway. It will likely appear on the record me and Narstie are working on that's gonna come out on Living In The Future.


But that reminded me. Because people have been asking me to, I am going to release an ALBUM of INSTRUMENTALS. I am also going to release a MIXTAPE of INSTRUMENTALS that have unclearable samples in them. So my question to you, dear reader: what songs of mine would you like to hear the instrumentals of?