Do The Big Iron Dance! AND! Help Me Make ATD25! WIN! WIN! WIN!

YESSSSSSS! Big Iron is out there, doing Big Iron Damage. Shout out RWD, Rock Paper Shotgun and Southern Hospitality, who posted it on their internets spaces and gave it shine. It did 5000 plays over the weekend, we're going for 10,000 today. If you like it, pass the link on to all your friends. Press the like buttonEmbed the song on your blog or social network space of social networking.

Better yet, film you, or your child(ren) doing THE BIG IRON DANCE, as demonstrated (and invented, if we're honest) by my buddy BJ's excellent and tiny boy child Hanzo. SEE ABOVE! How ill is that? I especially like the way he goes batshit when Narstie starts flowing, cos that's what I do.

So, yes, totally film yourself, your parents, your friends, your kids, your binmen, whoever, doing the Big Iron dance, and upload them to Youtube and post them as a reply to the Big Iron Listening Post, and I will post them here, and edit them all together into one big amazing dance off, like that bit in Ferris Bueller where he does Twist And Shout. How cool will that be?


In other Big Iron News, I'm getting the instrumental mastered today for all you rappers and rap haters. AND! I nearly forgot! As pointed out to my by Scotty 7 in the comments, I totally upped the WAV for Big Iron and NOT THE MP3 Doof! SO I have now upped a brand new, shiny CD quality Big Iron MP3, and you can download it here. Enjoy!

So! This week I will be finalising the Akira The Don release schedule for Q1. Which includes, as mentioned in the Big Iron post, that compilation I asked you to help with, and the legendary, longawaitedisanunderstatement ALBUM OF THE DECADE... The Life Equation!


First release though, is the amazing new mixtape, marking a quarter century of ATD tapes, ATD25, from which Big Iron is the first track. I will be finishing the recording this week. Look out for the second track on Friday.

As ever, I would like your input on this project. So, I am going to pick ONE SAMPLE, as suggested by YOU, and whoever picks the sample, will either get a shoutout on the tape OR (their choice) will get to introiduce the track on the tape. So let's go! Leave your sample suggestions in the comments of this post!

A special bonus prize will go to anyone that suggests something I have already sampled (bear in mind I am 9 tracks deep at this point).