Dizzying Moments Of Greatness

The world loves Stunners 130!

XFM's Eddy Temple Morris played some on his show on Friday, cos he's got taste. Annie Mac sent us a myspace message saying she thinks its great. It is proving very popular in Florida nightclubs, for some reason. And the reviews are coming in, and are mega positive. Hurrah!

"Everything is set to a perfect beat and is peppered with as many songs as you’re likely to recognise - you won't get bored of this mix session which is as funny as it is inspired." Manchester Music "Back again in his DJ guise, with help from the equally sleazy looking Wade Crescent, The Don is ready to soundtrack your next party or 1 hour car journey with Stunners 130.

Whilst the inclusion of Basement Jaxx’s Where You Head At and Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit will immediately draw conclusions with the now-legendary 2many DJ’s mix, Stunners 130 is more DJ Yoda thanks to it’s relentless pacing and manic tone. And like Yoda, the focus is hip hop, with Lil’ Wayne and the Game raps laid over S’Express and Daft Punk respectively, making for some truly inspired moments; when they mix Simians Never Be Alone with Snoop and Timberlake on Signs, with a liberal sprinkling of Old Dirty Bastard, what should be a complete fucking mess is instead two-fingers up to a normally staid mixtape scene.

If there is to be any criticism, it’s the same thing that makes Stunners great - the amount happening at any one time. Whilst this level of activity makes for dizzying moments of greatness, unless you’re in the mood (drunk and horny), it can simply be annoying, and will sound louder than it is actually is." Subba Cultcha

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Grant Morrisson, my hero, who wrote The Invisibles, which I was banging on about a lot last year, made me cry the other night, did I mention? (Phew, that was a lot of comas). WE3, a story about three animals trying to find their way "home", might well be the best comic book ever. You should all read it, especially my uncle Maurice and my PPF, who I thought of a lot whilst reading it. I don't really want to say much about it because the less you know before going in the more awesome and beautiful a surprise it will be, I think... but were I pitching to some Hollywood gibbons? Alien/Water Ship Down. Go geddit.