Digi Snax Review At The Quietus


The album is birthed in a bonfire of RZA's musical themes to date - primal drums, kung fu music, cartoon laughter, Hollywood string loops, all collapsing in on themselves in a pyre that looks like Bladerunner and feels like the apocalypse. From these flaming embers rises the musical phoenix that is 'Long Time Coming' - one of the illest things RZA has created to date, music you can bathe in in, lyrics that suggest a Cohenian longevity and reward for ones attention. (I can't be sure on this, obviously - ask me in ten years if this shit stands up. I predict it will). It sounds like Sonic The Hedgehog falling down a worm-hole. Isn't this what dude was promising on the fabled Cure LP? What the fuck is this crazy next shit doing on a BobDigi LP?

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