Diddy Pays T-Pain To Use Autotune

OK, this is batshit. Diddy is giving T-Pain half a point in royalties on his next LP, for giving him to go-ahead to use Antares' Autotune software, which T-Pain neither owns, nor popularized. Who's got Cher's money? Sheeet!

“I just wanna voice that, this stuff just happened,” said a jubilant Pain in a Youtube video. “I didn’t do it. It’s just Diddy. I just wanna announce that show prices are going up, features… This takes everything to a whole nother level. All the people spreading rumors, saying T-Pain charges $100,000 for a show…I actually do now.”

The clip starts with Diddy claiming to officially have permission from The Pain to use Auto-Tune, before revealing his reasoning for awarding  Pain with royalties off the album.  “He didn’t negotiate with me,” said Diddy, “but as a gracious offer of gratitude, I’m giving him half a point on my album just because …Cause I got extra points too.”

“I know there’s a list of cats that he’s given permission to Ye, Wayne, Chris Brown and now myself,” he continued. ”That’s not pro-rated. That’s off the point off the album just because he let me dabble in the tune. It’s called graciousness, motherfuckas.”