Do You Like ATD25? Send Me Video!

Do You Like ATD25? Then Send Me Video! WHY?!

Well, inspired by an episode of Smallville the other day, I wanna make video for ATD25 full of YOU. Like one of those infomercials. I think it would be dope. So if you wanna star in an ATD25 video, in fact an ATD TV ad styled PSA which would be MAD FRESH then film yourself, or your nan, or you mum, or your uncle, or your kids, or your pet lion, and upload to Youtube or whatever or send the footage to akirathedon at via one of those transfer services like Wetransfer (my favourite). Best one gets a T shirt as well. And the runners up get CDs.

Get in!

(EDIT: Look, someone just did!

EDIT 2: Oh look, a bunch of people did! See related videos here)

Meanwhile, ATD25 is doing very well which pleases me greatly as I worked very hard on it, and its nice when HARD WORK PAYS OFF! Shout out everybody that's been posting it on Facebooks and Twitters and all those places, you are the BEEEEEST like DJ Khaled and shout out the websites and blogs that have been posting it, like RWD and Kotaku and Electric Pig and Gamer UK and anyone else I haven't seen yet. And shout out Big Ghostface for reviewing it so positively. Big Ghostface got dissed by Wiz Khalifa last night, and how he's had the web feds sicked upon his ass, so let us all pray for him, or focus our chi, or whatver we all do.

So, I am gonna make some visuals for a few tracks off of ATD25. Which ones do you think I should do? And how should I do them? They have to be simple and easy. Hit me in the comments with your genius, friends! The word needs you!