I got this today: "Hello. Why on earth couldnt i see you in edinburgh? why on earth didnt i hear about it being cancelled on your site? I am so dissappointed. Edinburgh was beautiful. I have never been before and I went all the way up there to catch your show and it was cancelled. And the only way we could find out was by finding the fucking box office and asking there. Because no one told us. No posters. Fuck. We spent about 200 pounds on that journey and the rest. Fuck man. All you had to do was post a few days before or apologise the day after. I am sure there must be some reason why.

nick. "

How fucking shit is that? We cancelled the gig a month ago, after my manager suggested that it would be foolish to take time out of this month's LP and single preparations to go all the way up to Skatlin for a single show. It was the only show we've ever cancelled. "It's not like you're Pete Doherty," said my manager, when I raised my worries. I wrote "cancelled' next to the gig listing on my MySpace page, and forgot about it, until people started emailing saying how pissed off they were a week or so ago.

However: I forgot to update the gigs page on this website, and I wrongly assumed that those who bought tickets would be informed by those that they bought the tickets from, and that the listings would be altered accordingly. There was a picture of me in NME this week in the gigs section flagging up that cancelled gig. Seems those that needed to be informed were not. All I can do is apologise, and bang my head on my desk. Truly, I am sorry. Now I feel like Pete Doherty. How shit is that?