Devil In The Distance Cometh

Oh shit! I just heard my buddy Marvin's debut LP is finally coming out on July 28th.


If that wasn't all, word from Camp Marvin (II) is another LP will drop a month after.


Two Marvin albums in as many months!

If that happens the world will become twice as cool as it is. How cool would that be?

Twice as cool.

That's how cool.

Check Marvin's blog for the Devil In The Distance sleeve and tracklisting. That picture there seems to be the cover of Marvin's new mixtape which I am told is "online in 10 or so days."

"It's hard as hell," writes Tego. "We're finishing the recording on it today. We had like 34 tracks to choose from, we only ended up cutting about 9. We're shooting a video for the mixtape single 'Great Day' which is a cover of Ice Cube's classic 'It Was a Good Day' did I send you that yet?"

No you haven't you swine! Send me that now!

In the meantime, check this fly joint called Fight Or Flee from Devil In The Distance. I have had it on repeat for about 20 minutes, it is ace on stilts.

"I smell like piss and my elbow's damp!"

Stream: Marvin - Fight or Flee