Baby. Just because my living room carpet is a weird tapestry of broken glass and wires and bits of map doesn't mean last night wasn't off the hook.


Oh, I could go into detail. But I'd only make those of you that weren't there jealous. We'll wait for Jeres' tour diary.

Anyway! I have good news.

Mothboy's seriously, actually, FUCKING brilliant new album is out now. You can read a review here. You can buy it here, and you can listen to a fragment of I Can See Cities, on which I rap, here. I must say, I am immensely proud of that song, it is really quite awesome. The lyrics I will present to you here. I just wrote them out, and amazed at their precience. I wote them at the end of the spring, and now here we are in this winter, and I could have written this last fucking night. Actually Amazing.

I See Cities

My baby's pure porno It's disproportionate The only time I'm peacefull's when I'm up inside her neck The blinds are shut, and if it's sunny out I'll hang a fucking sheet on top The cracks let through the light Babe, turn that beeper off I got this new phone Rah That shit goes on the internet It's got a qwerty keyboard honey, I can write my days in it I can hold my gaze in it It's kind if like a crystal ball With which baby I'm in thrall Into which I so could fall Call out to me A claw about your throat The green light flashes Illuminates the ceiling and shines a light inside your eyes How I despise these foul intrusions I have not learned yet to use illusions I have just learned force But I'll keep inside my thoughts Pour some sugar on me If not babe make do with whiskey Crash the table Smash the glass I promise not to be too crass There's no such thing as crass Just Ass Bass Middle And treble And giving the devil his due Knowing me plus you We'll crash straight through

My baby sends me letters But it's like they don't exist She sends me pictures too I didn't recognise her Took me minutes Funny innit You said you loved me I can't remember If you're ugly Up the contrast Tell the lies I can still see in your eyes So can the wires So too can the television Laptop, telephone, Etchasketch Any vision's better than the hell I'm seeing currently That's why I'd rather you were with me than engaged in courting fucking currency Let's just get drunk Break stuff Bass funk Don't think Just feel Don't talk Just fuck And never mind what they're telling you Never mind the swine and what they're selling you

I see cities Cities see me I always wanted to be on TV

I see cities Cities see me I always wanted to be on TV

One of us knows Maybe we both do And if not well someday we should hope to One step Two step Da, da da One sip Two sip Da, da da It's more important now than ever to be Drunk As Fuck And now we don't believe in heaven that's why we're Drunk As Fuck And baby when we get together we get Drunk As Fuck And we get Crunk As Fuck And we get Punked to fuck If you happen to wake up in the porches of the palace In the green grass of a ditch If you make yourself sick Rah, don't ask me As the government baby The wind The star The bird The clock Ask everything that flees And everything that groans Or rolls Or sings Ask everything that speaks Ask the priest Whose piece shrieks cease On knees bleed scream or go tell it to the marines The bee's knees buckle Why Lout? scream "bruckle" Said it before man I don't know fuck all I mind what's mine and I sever on swine Rah, you picked a fine time to define what's mine

Bah bah bah!

Get drunk Mine, yours, rah for the cause On something Mine, yours, rah for the cause Get drunk Mine, yours, rah for the cause On something Mine, yours, rah for the cause

Hubba hubba honey Hef's gone so let's get it on Said it wrong one time, summer did everyone It's the one Donovan Never mind that man and them Pick a blam plan and never give a damn again Let's go dancing Naked in the rain A bit like Yazz said Thunderstorm Summertime Torn among the grass Getting head under the rainbow Wow! Rydw chtin gwybod how dwi'n temlo nawr! Os ti'n meddwl fel rydw i'n meddwl, Well! Dyna ni cariad Doesn't really seem so bad I think I'm on their blindside here Unless they got their long range on Calling me a queer This time last year Could have never seen it coming Or becoming But I never was a see-er Just a be-er And now my rent's in arrears On the sequel to The Fears