Desert Eagle Discs Are Safe

You know how far I cycled today?

30 miles.

That's right busters, I pedalled 30 miles from Clapton to Acton (that rhymes) in an orange prison jump suit (I wear it for the poor and broken down), and on the way back the heaven's opened up and I got my orange prison jump suit (living on the hopeless, hungry side of town) soaked through. Did I cry? Did I grump? HELL NAW! It was EXHILARATING! And a bit sad, I saw one nasty accident and one poor old man getting abused by the police. They had him in this really harsh arm lock, and he wasn't resisting or anything, just murmuring drunkenly.

I went to meet some producers - I'm doing that all week, LP # 2 is written and demoed (with room for late additions, of course), and now we gotta suss out who's gonna help me bring it to life. Obviously I want my man James Brown back, and I'd like to do some stuff with Danny Saber again cos he is cool and a nutjob. I also want this thing reach proportions of Meatloafian epicness, so lets' see what the fuck is up.

Hey, you know what I did when I got home?

Baked a bacon and egg PIE.

Serious, I get down like that nowadays. Ya diiiiiiiig?