So, my little brother Ally has set up some personality test, wherein you find out which of his gay demons you are most like. I, apparently, am most like Yoink.

You are most like Yoink. At first you seem like the ideal companion, bright, cute, cheery, patient and humble. However, there really is a limited use for you. You haven't as many talents as others and although you are intelligent enough, your capacity for thought is hindered by your willingness to believe and/or agree with anything people tell you. You are not only gullible, but also malleable as putty. You are not very good at standing up for yourself and it is quite likely that when you are upset nobody cares, because nobody knows. Problems aside, you are a welcome addition to any party and at least you have ideas of things you would like to do with your life, even if you are unlikely to ever achieve them.

Which demon are you?

Bollocks, in fact. Well, sort of. YOU didn't notice when I was upset, did you? But never mind that. Today was beautiful again in LA. I went into Interscope to meet folks, and that was most enjoyable and informative. (I notice Gavin Rosdale has ripped of that Guiness ad for his new band's artwork. Good one lad!)

Oh, but it is hardcore and mean at the top. Keep your head up Marshall.

After that I did a photoshoot with an immensely talented gentleman, which involved his studio and a lush brown background, then to the beach, where I splashed about in the sea in Santa shorts with a surfboard, and played Lego in the sand in a wetsuit. HOW DOPE IS THAT?! I love Lego. And never have I done any of that. So many firsts! Truly this is a place of wonder.

I am back up at Danny Saber's now, finishing some shit off, before I fly to New York on the morrow. But I will be back. There is much more of this La La business explore.

Hey! Who'd have thunk the origins of Mormon were so well hidden? To the scores of you that mailed today confessing no prior knowledge, I urge you to investigate further. These people are Skygoddamn hilarious.