This morning I write to you from my mother's back yard in sunny Hampshire. Birds twitter away about me, a man is doing something loud with a chainsaw down the road, and Keith is defragging my laptop, which he cured of AIDS yesterday. It seems to be pretty speedy again now, praise be, so I can set about making songs and replying to your email a little later on.

The above picture may or may not have something to do with Ozzy Osbourne, but I think it looks like John Robb from behind. Lady Flan Flanagan did it. Pretty awesome, non?

I would like to thank you for the unprecedented amount of delirious mail I have received regarding ATD11, and the Five And A Half Songs About Love EP. It is very encouraging, even you, Karlosbryte, who wrote:

"Dear Don

I love your mixtapes, but why put fucking Chesney on there man? That is not hip-hop, and neither is fucking Paris fucking Hilton, Jesus."

Silly boy. Noise is noise.