"You can't get a young person's railcard anymore can you?" said my Mam on the phone just now. Which is true. I wonder what else I can't do. It boggles the brain. I could get quite depressed about now you know. Had I inherited that particular gene. But even if I had how could I stay depressed when things like this fall into my inbox?

"Hi Adam! I stayed up all freakin day and night making this. it has been in the back of my mind for quite some time. when I read your birthday was coming up in a day or two, I started it right away. it is 3 am and I just finished it. Happy Birthday. I love your Music, and your love of the world so much, A, that I devoted a lot of time to your birthday gift. I hope you like it a lot. (i had to use a couple of photo references, and my anatomy training isn't that great, i used a reference for the body bit. i am but a learner. aren't we all?)

Sorry it isn't as good as I could have done, had I planned ahead better!! ^_^

I am still proud of it, though. I have to thank you for the picture of you and Zef in Stoke. I didn't have a good profile of your lovely nose. DAMN but your lips are PINK. ... it's almost obscene. i toned 'em down a bit, sorry.

I also have a high resolution version at 300 DPI, should you want it.

the text in the back ground reads:

"A.K. Donovan Chattin over other peoples crap as if it mattered Three blind children you’re blatantly bound for trouble RAH ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE SIX! ATD GOT SEVENTEEN DICKS! ATD is also indivisible Shower for hours ATD the mixtape 3 Thanks for all the AIDS -OH THAT BEAUTIFUL SOUND Opposite of bummer! You’re all so jealous of my moustache! LIVING IN THE FUTURE rip that shit while I read about wrongs on blogsites search for something and I find it 85 GIGs left 1200 TECHNIX Shame they didn’t say BIRD DOG EUREKA!! My contacts are fucked and my eyes they are well-ing up I only cry at the movies it takes a lot of special effects and stuff to move me GENOCIDE IS COMING TO THE USA this is telling the truth man in a skip covered in sick at six in the morning boring pondering the relative merits of your efforts at oblique penetration VOMIT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD tap water in a glass NewGrounds WWW.WUTANGCORP.COM SEEN Hello there The no-reange rover I’ve been battered more times than one of Jesus’ fishes Sure Narsty and Bashy agree with me living is WICKED but it don’t mean if someone kicks your ass you shouldn’t kick it right back Suckin on a cock and you wonder why it leaves a bad taste? Stab you fulla needles like a christmas tree it’s no less than you deserve you are a mockery! like a nutter guess I’ve never been in love LEONARD TOLD ME ABOUT THE FUTURE he said he knew it’d come true ‘CAUSE I’M A-ZILLA, HONEY AND I’M NOTHING AND I’M ACE Patrick Miranda ATD AND THE WOMEN you can’t play me now like a record on your stereo NOISES!!"

RAH FOR AKIRA THE DON!! HUZZAH! now go hug your little brother and your MAM. call your old man.

With floody New Hampshire Love, K

(yes, we're flooded "INNIT")

(PS: "all i ever wanted was to have somebody say that i was all they ever wanted in this world and that was love" - LOVE IS YOUR MOM. you're all she ever wanted. :) luckily, she got more that she ever wanted. say hi to ZEF)" Depressed? I might cry! I aint even at the movies! I think I might go have a look at those terrapins. Thank you Kathy. Peace and love to all of you, and may your floods be but temporary!