Death's Head Returns In marvel Heroes #33 And It Is Swagged Out

As mentioned yesterday, the world is considerably more awesome this week, because the greatest Marvel UK comics character of all time, the one I did that awesome comic strip about, the one and only DEATH'S FRICKIN HEAD is BACK, in his O.G. glory, in the pages of the Panini-published kids' comic Marvel Heroes. It's written by Death's Head creator Simon Furman, and drawn (the Marvel way) by the excellent Simon Williams. I picked my copy up in my local Turkish newsagent, which was in itself an amazing experience, so you should have no problem finding a copy. Unless you don't live in the UK anywhere near a newsagent. Damn, sucks to be you right now.

Anyway, the strip is SWAGGED OUT and RIGHTEOUS, and I recorded a 6 minute long diatribe about it for this week's MOMBcast, whihc sounds enough like DONCAST that I felt comfortable enough to speak freely about the Death's Head experiences.

You can listen to that right here. My bit's about 56 minutes in, if that's all you care about, but if you're into comics at all the whole thing is likely worth your while, and even if you're NOT, fuck it, you could learn something new. Like WHY BATMAN INC. IS AMAZING.

[wpaudio url="" text="MOMBcast"]

Yes, the return of Death's Head is a wonderful thing, and everyone involved did an amazing job (apart from the colourist who decided to paint intricate teeth on the Hulk entirely unnecessarily in one distracting instance but we'll forgive them for the beautiful job they did on Death's Head's shoulder pad things). And to top it off, the comic not only comes with a free POSTER (!!!), but it also comes with a frickin' VORTEX BLASTER.

Here's me with my Vortex Blaster.

I am never going to take it off.


Right, I am going to get back to Video Work. Keep your eyes peeled in the general direction of The Guardian today, as I shall be making an appearance, and don't forget to pick up your tickets for the #ILOVEJAPAN show I'm playing at The Garage in London on April 2nd (and your plane tickets if you need to travel), and to preorder Living In The Future, which is going to be one of the best things you ever do, frankly. YOUR NAME'S GONNA BE IN THE CD! Well, it is if you helped choose the songs. Thank you for that! You did a brilliant job!