Death To Emo Wingebags!

squee No, not you Joe Budden, I mean ME! Sweet cricketing Jesus, what a whiny misery guts I was yesterday. "Oh woe is me, my computers suffered fates similar to death because I was not vigilant, I haven't got any money, boo hoo hoo." SHUT YOUR WHINY MOUTH BOY!

Um, OK me. I did.

Shout out Zen Pyramid who sent me some anti-virus software! I have yet to fix the laptop and drawy-PC, but it found some ugly little blighters in my main machine, so I am eternally grateful.

Anyway. I did two great things already today.

Thing 1: I trimmed my moustache. It had gotten a bit long and straggly, and it is lovely now. I NEARLY shaved the whole thing off, in my typically destructive fashion, but I am glad I didn't. Just so's you know. Treat moustache like plant. FTW.

Thing 2: Rehearsed with Gonzales for tonight's show.


Are you coming? We'll be thinking of you, if not. Thinking with our Muscial Powers.

So, yeah. In other news, The Line Of Best Fit are today running an interview the man Ash did with me earlier this year. Check it out here. Sample Q + A:

What’s the beef, chicken and lamb with TV?

Fuck a TV.

Ah! Wisdoms!