Daytime TV

Gay Rory was in town last night, DJing with the Franz Ferdinand boys at some telephone company party in Manhattan, so I went down to see him and Spiky and Amy. It was fun! I experimented with whiskey and cranberry, which is not entirely disagreeable. We got roped into a rather bizarre photo op with some oddly dolled up blonde child, who looked rather scared behind her forced smile, who none of us recognised, but later turned out to be Keith Richards' daughter, who is an It Girl, or something, Lord Bless her and show her compassion and mercy. What a terrible life it must be for her, it is really quite awful. I shall have to not have children, I suppose, as it seems nigh on impossibly to raise chiddlers when one is a musicing person and them not turn out completely screwed whatever you do. So, Gwilym made a good point in an email this morning, calling me out on my rambling and emotional post yesterday which included a number of hastily organised issues, banded together to try and illustrate some vague point or other. Forsooth:

This is why conspiricists are never taken seriously:

"and the former President of Indonesia admits that the Bali bombing was planned and carried out by the Indonesian military at the behest of "Western powers"."

REPORTER: So you believe that the Bali bombers had no idea that there was a second bomb?

ABDURRAHMAN WAHID: Yeah, precisely.

REPORTER: And who would you suggest planted the second bomb?

ABDURRAHMAN WAHID: Well, it looks like the police.

REPORTER: The police?

ABDURRAHMAN WAHID: Or the armed forces, I don't know.

"Well it looks like" and "I believe" are not admissions. If you want people to take your views seriously you should present FACT's backed up by EVIDENCE. The vague ramblings of a blind, retired, ex-leader from a transcript that doesn't officially exist qualify as neither. Without fact or evidence your idea's are merely musings and will always appear as such to all but the most gullible. I concede that there is suspicion and interest surrounding most of what you write about, but to present it the way you do just makes you appear desperate to beieve anything vaguely conspiritorial.

Pompous rant over. Forgive my spelling for it is shit.

Now Gwil makes good points. I personally choose to take those "I believes" and "it looks like" as admissions, as that is the language of public politicians, who are forced at all times to be covering their asses. That such "I believes" and "it looks likes" are uttered at all is incredible, and should cause any thinking person to investigate further. Which is what I trust you all to do. You can then draw your own conclusions. I draw mine, and present them, in a sloppy and garbling fashion, as is my wont, as I am a gobshite muscing person, and not an academic. So it goes.

However, I do reject the "conspiracist" tag, Gwil, in honesty. To not take the mainstream media's offal as given, and to question the motives of one's leaders should be normal process for any good citizen. Do you not think?

Certainly, as a result of the 25 years of lies I have endured from the powers that be, I am nowadays more inclined to take anything they say as a likely fallacy first, which may be the opposite approach from many. But in the middle of that, is the truth. Which is why all this communication, and dialogue, is dope whether we agree or not.

Also, I personally would not reject the oppinions of a man based on his age and eyesight. That is just weird.

I'm off to the dentist now. Peace!