Day 7: Gash!

New develpments! People of the St Albans area! We are playing your town tonight! The venue is known as The Horn. Get it! Um, yeah. See, we were in York last night, deviating from our script by supporting Yes Boss. We were particularly excited as Marvin and Jack were meant to be ploaying too. Then we got asked to do tonight with them an all. Two dates with our friends! Fun!

Sadly, however, Marv and co. pulled out. But we had fun with Yes Boss and the seven and a half audience members anyway. And were looking forward to tonight.

!!!!! But !!!!!

Yes Boss have pulled out!


So Akira The Don and The Women will be stepping in, last minute style, to headline the show and bring joy to the people of St Albans (which is but 20 minutes from King's Cross on a train, and they run till 2am). Come down and use the word "party" as a verb with us!

(Big up the nice big lady in our hotel, and the people of yesterday who came down specially, specially you two who came from Leeds, and the Beard Of Love, whose gift of a mighty doublet I shall rock tonight. Seeme!)