Day 4!

Well, the Newcastle show was brilliant, we were well good and the peoples were On It. Big up Dean, Kim the ace soundlady, the fantastically hirsuite dudes who knew all the words, even that verse from Gitmo I spat on Boom and evrybody else cos you were all safe. Dan went to bed, Mary went for drinks with some family friends, and Jeres and I went in search of booze. We are good at that sort of thing. Actually, we are brilliant at that sort of thing. We found loads of booze! But it WAS a Sunday in Newcastle, so come 1 or so we had run out of booze. Sad! However! Wandering the streets, a tall man shouted the magic question: "are you Akira The Don?" And it transpired I was. And it transpired that HE was Matt from LoveDough, so he took us to his beautiful club and gave us a ton of booze, and entertained us with talk, and a magician, and more booze, oh what fun! I got fucking hammered. Matty Dough is a fucking G!

We left, at the end. What adventures we had! The longest hallway in the world happened to be in our hotel, and was full of Norwigans. That was weird. Anyway. Turns out we woke tour manager Dan up at 4 or something screaming at the television. Jeres was trying to educate me with some rotten show called Dragon's Den. I was loudly offended and we ruined Dan The Tour Manager's sleep. He got me back by ruining mine with some cutesy morning phonecall to his lady. Dan The Tour Manager thinks we're weird cos we don't fuck with breakfast. I think he's weird cos he hates Akon and calls him Acorn. Fool!