Oh LAWDY! Remember back in NYC I dropped my harddrive, which had, like, all my songs, and the next two albums on it? Anyway, I got a quote from some people back in November to fix the thing (looked like being three to five hunnerd English pounds. ooh-wee!). Anyway, I aint heard nothing since, so I rang them just. They say the motor's damaged, and shit's gonna cost me up to £1,800.

I said


That's wat I said.

I was right to say it as well.

That's real.

Then they sent me an email. It said: The results of the diagnosis show that the disk is suffering from a severe motor/spindle failure. Unfortunately this problem prevents data recovery by conventional methods.

To attempt the recovery of data from this drive it will be necessary to use our Advanced Data Recovery service. This service is documented here.

The costings of this service are as follows:

Diagnosis: £395

Recovery: £1500 - £2800

I said,


Then I rubbed my eyes very hard, and turned the volume on the Lil Wayne mixtape up.

So, people, I gotta conundrum.

Like, serious.

There were some awesome songs on that drive. There were years worth of photos and drawings. There were the component parts of all my mixtapes, and the songs on those mixtapes.


Do I let all that go?

Or do I sell my ass on ebay?

Answers on a postcard.

I got a nice, if slightly disturbing email just. It went:

greetings from norway .i dont want to sound like too much of an ass kisser but youre music opened up a whole new world to me as it were. i was like what a guy! what dope music!! is he takin a piss? but then i think youre not. and you look like like my best friend from childhood , he is now manic and gets electro shock treatment that sucks huh? haha but hes still the same guy , and so am i . anyway just wanted to say props! and mucho respect for this truly honest and recognazible music which i danced wardances to after a midnight bombing spree in where i made numerous throwups over quite a large area and proceeded to enter easy24 to buy a burger with my can still sticking out from my belt lining, right hand all splooshed in chrome and blue outline paint. peace! from endre

In other news, Israel Plans Nuke Attack On Iran!