So, Dr David Barnett wrote a review of me and my peoples' show. It is an excellent piece of writing, accompanied by some very scary photos. Speaking of which, I spent a good portion of yesterday doing my first pro Akira The Don photoshoot for, which was for Arena magazine. There was little me, and an eight strong army of make up and stylist and photo and hair and stuff people. It was quite odd, and enjoyable, and I got dressed up in nice suits and zippy things and water, and it all ended up being quite porno. I also had beers and fell in love with my make up artiste. I am falling in love all over the place these days, the world is stuffed with joy.

Then last night me and my old Welsh mate Gwilym went to see the GLC soundsystem at Cargo, featuring Dwain Xain an fthe Maggot MC, which was a right proper knees up and no mistake. Free Form Five were quite dreadful though.


Luke and I just got back from the old GLC building in Westminster, where Dame Dash and a lot of the Roc-A-Fella camp were having a press confrence. Nore was there! I met Nore! He's with The Roc now, you see. Mr Dash was very nice as well, he is quite an amazing chap. Luke was very impressed by it all, and is now a Memphis Bleek fan. We left with bags of sweatbands and towels and mixtapes.

After Damon Dash, we had sausage and mash at S & M on the road next to Spittafields in East Londinium. It might have been the greatest sausage and mash I have ever tasted. We had venison and wild boar and cumberland and more besides. Now we feel alive again. "Come sad, leave happy", said a sign on the wall. Next time I am sad I shall go there, and if you are sad I will take you.