Darling Pet Monkey, $18.95

Darling Pet Monkey Wow. Colin was leafing through some ancient Marvel comics this morning, and found this gem. Those of us old enough have fond memories of a pre-internet age, when comic-book small-ads opened a window to an exciting world of mail-order bounty, if only our paper-rounds paid enough.  In my day it was all Beef Up Quick schemes and studded leather wristbands, but in the 60s, you could BUY A MONKEY FOR $18.95!

According to the ad copy,

"The Squirrel Monkey makes an adorable pet and amusing companion.. almost human with its warm eyes, your family will love it. Eats same food as you do (even likes lollipops)... instructions included. Live delivery guaranteed."

Well that's nice. Who wouldn't hate to get a dead monkey in the mail?

Psychos, that's who. Good litmus test.

So, someone died protesting The Swine yesterday. Very sad indeed. The article I read about this doesn't mention how he died, only that, "Police said bottles were thrown at them while they attempted to treat him."

It also notes that:

"City workers leaned out of windows and waved £10 notes at demonstrators on the streets below, who responded with jeers and shouts."

Good job I stayed home drawing comics - despite my peaceful nature, sometimes its hard not to get riled up by Wankers, amazing as that might sound. I might have gotten myself in bother again. The free toilet papers were pretty clued up though, I noticed them warning of hordes of anarchists swarming on the city the day before, "coaxed out of retirement by the promise of violence." Oh, those anarchists, sat at home bored for decades, waiting for an excuse to descend upon Londinum like a plague of locusts and throw bottles at coppers. Ho ho ho.

"Didn't the police do a lovely job of scaring people out of protesting at being financially ruined by the unbridled greed and stupidity of the City yesterday," noted Lorry on Facebook earlier. "Hooray for democracy."

Word. The papers aint been getting in the way neither. Legum servi sumus ut liberi esse possimus, eh?

New music and video later. Pax.