Daphne And Celeste WILL Reform For Swells!!!!!!!!!!

Daphne And Celeste For Swells As I mentioned earlier, about a decade ago the combined efforts of Steven Wells, myself, and many, many awesome people got Daphne And Celeste onto the main stage at the Reading Festival. Despite being pelted with piss and spears by a neanderthal section of the crowd, the girls put on an awesome show, and had a great time doing it. That performance was an incredible feat, 20 minutes of pure, PUNK ROCK, POP AS FUCK defiance, and embodies the TRUE punk rock spirit that ran through everything that Swells did.

It was suggested on Twitter today that someone should find Daphne And Celeste, and get them to reform for a gig to be held in the honour of The Greatest Music Journalist Who Ever Lived, our dear friend Steven "Seething" Wells.

I think that is a fucking ACE idea.

I think Steven would love that. I think a lot of people would love that. So I think that we, the awesome people who loved Swells, and are still here on Planet Earth, should make it happen.

EDIT: Andrew WK would be amazing as well, Swells loved him too as I recall. And brother John Robb has suggested The Three Johns....