Da Na Na Na-na Na Na


Guess who bought a CD off of me today?

I shall give you a clue:

Stunners 130 track 15.




You are right!

Mark Moore from S-Express bought a CD off of me!

Cool, huh? He also spent many hours reading this blog and watching videos about L Ron and stuff, so good for him. Welcome Mark! This is the best thing you have ever done!

Apart from all those fine records.

Anyway. Zef has made a nice new top bar for the site, which you can see above. Well done Zef. I have been making a new song based on an old Therapy? song (their question mark, not mine), and not drawing your pictures (that is next on my list, don't worry!).

And elsewhere in the world...

Usually right wing and often misleading History Channel says post-911 anthrax scare "inside job"!

World not running out of oil, say experts!

Anti-war veterans' group: War crimes are 'encouraged'! Washington Post predicts third Bush term?! Israel switches motor transportation from oil to electric!

Salt Water Cures Kids' Colds!

New York Times: Palestinians continue their "shopping spree" Fuckery.

Barbra Bush is a hypnotist!

Mile Long UFO Seen Over Texas - The Debate Continues!

Did anyone see that Jamie Oliver thing about chickens? The life of a chicken seems to be a lot like ours, right down to the freakish, prematurely maturing oversized spawn. Have you seen kids these days? Have you seen Americans? 16 year olds over there look fucking 30! I'm moving out to the countryside and rearing pigs as soon as I can. Word to Alex James.

By the way - Weezy's having some troubles right now, and people are talking smack.... but one listen to dude's verse on this should shut most folks up. It is a joy to hear.

By the way 2: Here's a great interview with Kool Keith. The end bit about rappers in witness protection is classic.