Netflix Cylon Face

OMFG its my face as seen by the crappy front facing camera on my One X. GOOD BLOGGING SIR DON!

Why thank you.

So, I did a pretty random Doncast on Saturday, without much warning. It was fun, actually. I played unreleased music, including a song me and Envy recorded that very afternoon. Did you catch it? Was it fun? Would you like more?

If I have time I hope to do one on my next cross water jaunt in a week and a half. I wonder how any episodes of Battlestar Galactica I'll have watched by then. Since hacking myself a US Netflix line up a few weeks back I've merked my way through 2 seasons. It is some pretty amazing and harcore shit. Synchronistically as ever, it appears to be riffing on astrotheology, something I'd been investigating recently. Anyway, no spoilers please. And fuck Pegasus. Amen.

PS - if you're wondering how to get US Netflix outside of the US, and you haven't worked out how to ask Google, here's a video explaining the process for those that access Netflix via a console (like me, who has it connected to a projector like a boss). It's super easy, just go into the settings and change the DNS codes. These are working well at the moment:



If you use a laptop, a pretty easy way of doing it is to use something like Tunnelbear, which one simply installs, then tells what country one wishes to appear to be browsing from. That thing is also super useful for being able to watch American web based MTV shit like Riff Raff at the VMAs, and The Daily Show.

You're welcome!

PPS - Yes, I know all the text on the site is in italics right now. I haven't worked out how to stop it as of yet...

PPPS - if you missed it in the BlobBlog, I thoroughly recommend the new Lil B record. It sounds like The Lemonheads, which is amazing.