Cue Bono.

"There once was this photographer from New York. 'Smile,' she always said. 'Smile!' I couldn't stand her or the whole phenomenon. Why smile into a camera? It makes no human sense. So I got rid of both her and the smile." Philip Roth Hello. Last week the people that hassled DJs for me got the exclusive, and now the rest of you get to hear DOWNLOAD!

It is my answerback to Sway's excellent, but misguided anti-filesharing tune Download. You can hear his, at a crappy bitrate, here. And you can download mine in glorious MP3 here.

Pass it on.

In other news, the British press are all in a tizzy over a gas explosion (why are all the nasty things in the world to with gas these days? Will this mean a price hike? HMMM!). I didn't know 'till Kat in Americaland emailed me wondering if I was OK, bless here. I was in Birmingham at the time. No one there noticed. Anyway, stop your moaning about this lame little "poison gas could". You try living in Iraq, asshole. Get some Goshdarned perspective.

In other news, Beatmag gave me single of the year! Whoo! For that AAA EP! They said,

"Lovers of visceral music who dismiss him out of hand will be making their biggest mistake of this year and the next."

Which is true. They also said:

"If Akira The Don's debut album for Interscope next year displays half the raw venom and sheer lyrical flight of the 'AAA EP', we're in for a rare treat. Very, very special." HALF? HALF! AHAHAHAHA MY PEOPLE! YOU WILL WEEP! WEEP I SAY! MY ALBUM IS AMAZING! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Back on the usual self depreciating whatsit tomorrow babies. I's off to that there cimeaplex now to look at a lion.