Crazy Jane

I used to cry at the movies. Still do.

But now I am reading an awful lot of Grant Morrisson, and, increasingly, it is making me bawl like a baby seal.

I have recently been reading his late eighties tun on the classic DC comic book Doom Patro. I just finished #30, which was wonderful, and painful, and made me bawl. It focuses on the Crazy Jane character, a multiple-personality - she has sixty-four, in total. Sometimes, when people experience trauma, personalities are created, to cope with that trauma. Sometimes, those new personalities will have different characters, accents, even abilities. This stuff happens in real life, not just comics. To real people. Like Truddi Chase, who has 92, as a result of the sexual abuse she suffered as a child.

You should buy the book and read it, I think. But here are a few pages, out of context.