OK, so the update I sent yesterday didn't get through, so you lot have no idea what the fuck has been going down, right? Well shit is crazy over here. It is lush - Miami is the hottest place in the world right now, seemingly, and I've just dragged my white ass out of the sea, where I've spent the past few hours frolicking. Birddogg is on his way in a cab - he lost his passport at 7am the day we were to leave, and never made it. Which is fortunate, in a strange way, for had the Dogg not lost his passport, I would not have had the adventure I had yesterday, when I left Robert's at 3 on a bike too big for me, and got lost, ending up cycling around Little Haiti and the neighbouring slums until 10pm. Along my way I met bums, crack heads, freaks, rappers, crooners, hookers, and some young tugs called Poo, Jihad, and Fred, who took lots of mix tapes and were bumping that ATD shit in their cars real loud, drawing a crowd of local residents, which was awesome. We had a cypher going on, caned a blunt, and they offered me some shows, so I'm going to rock some hood parties later this week. The show on Monday was great too, and tonight we're playing the Delano. Shit is so rad you would not believe, go have a look. Then tomorrow we're doing this Jane Magazine party, and on Friday we're doing three shows, one with a Latin rock band, and one in this super sweet art gallery. I can't remember where the other is right now. Yes, things are swell, even if my ass is broken after yesterday's torturous bike expedition. I truly thought I was fucked, having lost Roberts number, not being able to find the fucking house... but I was saved in the end by a wonderful couple, rap and spoken word artist J Boogie and his lovely lady, who gave me water and let me charge my phone and get the number out. Anyway, I've written a really big, detailed account of yesterday's adventures in Little Haiti for Tank, so you can cop that shit soon.