My bandwith's all dissapearing like Britney's nose cartelidge, and I have found the reason - bloody The Others fans flocking en masse to get pissed off and mail me angriness, failing to see that I DO NOT HATE THAT SINGER BEACUSE HE IS GAY (duh!), but because he insists on SELLING CRACK AND HEROIN TO BABY CHIDDLERS... and the line "get that cock out your gob drop the lighter" reffers to his hugely self-publicised crack habbit. DUH! So stop emailing me silly questions now The Others fans please, and email some sensible ones, like, how can we help the blessed poo-wer? ANSWER: stop spending thousands and thousands of pounds on fucking CRACK and fucking HEROIN and fucking GIVE IT TO THEM! In case you are confused, the kerfuffle reffers to that relatively new MP3 on the music page called Rick Witter. The Others are a fairly competent English band with a very bad singer who tells lies about the Trash club in London and sets a terrible example to his exteremly young fan base what with his scaggery and all.

I'm reading Shane MacGowan's biography at the moment, it is quite amazing. He had dreams like me as a baban, and the IRA used to hide behind his uncle's piss pots.

So, we've nearly finished London. James is sussing out the "could'vedoneshould'vedones", then I shall return to Brooklyn for my last night, and fly back to Llindain at 6 on the morrow.