First off, you wanna check out this Mr Lacey joint, then vote for his skinny ass, over at Urb online. Done?


Its kinda grey here in Stoke Newington, but something's on its way to brighten that whole scene. I am doodling in anticipation.

So, the Dizzee album is ace, apart from the Lily Allen joint, which is horrible, mainly because of Allen's chalk-on-blackboard hook. Oh, and that joint that's got the kid out of the Arctic Monkeys on it, that sounds like that Bizzle joint that sampled Babyshambles, but gayer. Both of those tunes sound like the record label insisted on them, in their infinite wisdom, and fa8iled to consider what kind of an artist Dizzee IS, and what kind of an album he was trying to make. At least he insisted on kicking Joss Stone off the thing. That could have killed it. Ewch.

This Kanye mixtape is pretty cool. His Daft Punk stuff is amazing really. He sampled Discovery. I was gonna do that! That's two Kanye joints in one month with my ideas on them. Pah.

Oh, did anyone see The Sopranos just, where Tony k***s C******* (I ain't gonna spoil this for you) and does peyote? Oh my God that was just some amazing TV. That last shot was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

In other celluloid news, that Transformers movie might actually be good - I do keep getting fooled by trailers, but this one is pretty hot. The kid Gwilym writes:

"Just watched the full trailer and it has literally made me weep (in the office) with excitement and the potential of fulfilment. Just listen to the sound when Optimus Prime transforms..."