Corrupt Little Shyster

Firstly, it is quite mad, given everything, that if one wants to read the sort of sensible, shouty political writing Hunter Thompson used to be so good at, one must look to Boris Johnson. Serious. Making his case against the looming nuclear strike on Iran, Boris refers to the "demented adventure in Iraq" carried out by the "warmongers", talks of "utter madness" and calls Tony Blair a liar. Which is true. Hunter called him a "corrupt little shyster who enjoys his slimy role as a pimp and a prostitute all at once -- selling a once-proud nation of independent-thinking people down the river and into a deadly swamp of slavery to the pimps who love Jesus and George Bush and the war-crazed U.S. Pentagon." Indeed. All that and worse. As I have been wah-ing about here for the past two years, it has long been the Pentagon's goal to go all nuclear in Iran's ass. They have changed their reasoning as many times as snake sheds his skin, but the end result will be the same. Ale jaca est.

Weird. This just turned up in one of my browser windows. It's a 1970s BBC documentary on the man HST. Watch and learn. Or not.