Corporate Headquarters

s140-irac Ola gang... sorry I've been a bit quiet. I have been working tirelessly on a top secret project that doesn't involve rapping but does involve the re-imagining of some famous music in a distinctly modern and cinematic fashion. which has been fun.

Today I'm working on a remix for The Voluntary Butler Scheme, a charming band from the midlands. The song is called Tabasco Sole, and it is grayte. I shall make it grayter. or different grayte. Fire grayte. Indeed.

I'm starting to get very excited about this year. LP2 is nearly done. I wanted to make a massive pop album, and that's exactly what's transpired. A fuck-off massive pop album. One song left to record. And I want you all singing on the chorus. I'm sussing out a way of enabling that process. All ideas are very welcome.

I'm looking forward to playing it live. The live thing's gotta step up fifty notches. I have two great guitarists and a similarly dope bassist. I need a drummer. I figure its gonna have to be an electronic kit, for reasons of sonic sickness, and practical concerns. Drums take up a lot of room in a van. Electronic drums less so. I think i need to get a DJ too. I kinda miss Birddogg on that front. Dude was unrealiable, but a wizard. Magic is important.

I wanna have the greatest artists website in the world. And the greatest live show. To match the greatest 21st century pop album. Go hard or go yard. Who said that?

There is a ton of stuff I wanna do, and obviously I won't be able to do it all, which is depressing, so I'm a have to do the right thing and delegate. I wanna do amazing animated videos. Animation mixed with live action, straight animation, warped future animation... any budding animation types, get at me. If anyone knows any dope people who's work I should check out, do let me know.

I wanna do filmed videos too, but amazing interesting ones. I recall Radiohead used to pay extra attention to that sort of thing. So did Michael Jackson. Budgets are at an all time low, but the potential for creativity is at an all time high.  I am excited.

Oh, here's that Dre joint that leaked. people have been asking me for this. I don't know why, it wasn't hard to find. but anyway.

FYI, every song on my album is 10 times better than this. I am not hating. I am stating.

It Couldve Been You (Prod. By Dr. Dre) - R. Kelly ft. 50 Cent