Corey Vs Corey & The Return Of The Lost Boys!

So, I was just talking to Colin on the little Google Chat box about Chuck Kerplunk's Haunted, which is about these writers trapped in some house and they all go nuts and eat each other's fingers and shit so they have something to write about (future post). I know how that goes. "I like near the end where they all lose it completely, then they have to eat the cat," said Colin. "I wish all reality shows went that way. In fact, I think that it's the best premise for a Celebrity reality show yet. Trap 'em and then watch them go all Lord Of The Flies."

Which was a good point. I am always surprsied we're not at that level. Yet.

"Oh shit, yeah," added Colin. "Did you hear that the two Coreys have a show now!!!!"

I was like, "no way!"

Colin's like, "Yes way! They have moved in together to see if their friendship is still as strong as it was back in the day. Basically one's fat and ones all surgeried up to maintain his pre-pubescent looks."

I'm like, "No!"

"It's possibly the gayest thing that I have ever seen," says Colin. "And I've seen two men fucking."

So. This shit is mental. Corey Feldman looks exactly the same as he did in Lost Boys, and Corey Haim does not. Basically.

First we have Corey and Corey having a fight over Corey . It is such priceless footage (and no, I don't care if they're acting). It is so choice.

"Dude! That's my fucking wife!"


OK. You've laughed right? Now CRY!

Corey Feldman tells Corey Haim about Lost Boys 2. Not starring Corey Haim.

Like, shit! If that's acting, someone give that dude work! I dropped a tear dude, serious!

"Or else just completely emotioanally drained ex coke-heads," says Colin. Cynic.

Anyway. The tears were in vain - Lost Boys 2 is go! It's called Lost Boys: The Tribe and its out in July. Both Coreys reprise their roles, along with The Other Frog Brother, Jamison Newlander.

Check the trailer!