Consider This A Sigil

Hello, I am in Brooklyn. Whoo! Brooklyn is a magical place. I was here yesterday, and i knew it the moment my big ole Polish head poked up out of the subway. The air is electric here. And the very taste of it took me right back to when I was here a couple of years ago, looking for a house to live in, comic books under my arm, a bottle of ice in hand, dreams fluttering about in my belly.

Hello, I am at James brown's house. Whoo! James Brown is a magical sort of a person. I haven't seen him since the dawn of this foul year of our Lord, AD2006, but, lo, we slot straight back in as if t'were days. We made an amazing electronic rap record yesterday, and today we are amidst a haunting and, yes, magical little thing of some lush organic beauty or other. Which is a wonderful thing to have happened, really. It is kind of sad that we started only now, and that I have to go back to London on Monday, as we could quite easily have crapped out a whole album given another week. But never mind. There is the wonder of the internet to keep us together. James is rolling straight into recording the new Ash LP, but he has some time in January to finish this little project. So by the time your bored of my album, there'll be another thing of joy and usefulness for you to embrace. Whoo!

I might post you another page from The Invisibles later. It is easily the best comic book I have ever read. I've been meaning to investigate it since I was, like, 14. I nearly nicked it from Smiths that time I ran away to Liverpool, but I went with Tank Girl instead. How clever! I wouldn't have understood it properly then. Now I totally do. It is doing an excellent job of bringing together lots of stray thoughts and wishes, and crystallising my purpose. Grant Morrisson says it was created to be a sigil. Indeed. It is working wonderfully already, thank you.