Connection Part 327

I guess I'm pretty lucky. I get lots of great letters. I have been meaning to do a letters page for a bit, but they are a bugger to edit. Soon though. Anyway. I got this one yesterday:

"Yeah it's me again, Richard from Illinois aka RIVE. That guy that showed you the DEVO picture.

Anyway, I just watched your Stunners 130 music video of Smells Like Stunners, and you guys ripped off the head of the stuffed tiger then used it as a mask!

A few weeks back I drew a picture of a man wearing the head of a white tiger as a mask. I like to call him Byrant.

I got the idea from an actual mask I own with a hat that's on top of it, and also from Buckethead after playing Guitar Hero II.

I have attached a few neat pictures including the original. What's up with that? Seriously."

Indeed. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS COINCIDENCE RICHARD! We are not alone. Remember the blanket. Etc.

I think all this stuff is really neat. There is so much of it, so often, I am amazed when people think its odd. It is NORMAL!

Doesn't mean its not awesome. But still.