Concerned Emails

Oh sweet Jesus, I am freaking myself out up in here. ATD20 drops in 2 days! ARGHHHHHHHHH! I have so much to do! I calmed myself a little while drawing today's strip by listening to ATD7, or which ever one it was that dropped when I'd started reading about Ye Ole Illuminati on the internets. Hang on, let me check. Ha! It was ATD9 - the one with Adam Weishaupt on the front. Natch. There are definitely some cringey moments on there for me (you try listening to yourself "learning", its torturous), but there were definitely some flashes of brilliance in there. The beat for Rick Witter is fucking brilliant! I might re-vocal it. Not that the OG vocal is the worst thing on that tape or anything. It's just an infinitely smashable beat. It has bounce. It was also amusing to hear that clip of Alex Jones moaning about Noam Chomsky being a shill, and claiming to have "more intelligence than that guy with my hands tied behind my back." I am still at a loss as to how having one's hands tied behind one's back limits one's intelligence, but I bet it doesn't trouble Alex Jones much, and I bet he sits at home on cold winter's nights on a great big pile of gold coins, listening to old wavs of him in the mid naughties, garbed in nothing but a huge, shit eating grin.

Ew, what a terrible vision. It is this ungodly hour, I must to my bed, that I may rise at 6:30 and get on with the business of Making Awesome Mixtape.

And don'f forget! Be here at 5pm GMT for the second All New Weekly Doncast! Live and direct from Panic Studios! HOOO GRAAAAAAAAAAAH!