Cometh The Plague.

Happy New Year Arabs! Yes, last week they totalled 14 Palestinian homes, injured 30 occupants and surrounding Palestinian randoms, and murdered ten, including a mentally disabled child called Hadil.

And today, the Us/Israeli assault on the Arab world continues, joyfully enough, with Sharon's folks doing all they can to fuck up tomorrow's vote, having snipers pose as Palestinians and murder people, decieving poor old Jimmy Carter, slaughtering 60 year olds, etc. And in Iraq, those loveable Yanks are using scores of little kiddies as human shields, luring them aboard tanks with fucking sweets...

MeanWhile their masters continue the horrorful advance of the New American Century, and the New World Order.

I've kind of been asleep since that bullshit US election. But I am waking up again. HOW CAN WE SLEEP RIGHT NOW? I mean:

"The west's crusaders, the United States and Britain, are giving less to help the tsunami victims than the cost of a Stealth bomber or a week's bloody occupation of Iraq. The bill for George Bush's coming inauguration party would rebuild much of the coastline of Sri Lanka. Bush and Blair increased their first driblets of "aid" only when it became clear that people all over the world were spontaneously giving millions and that a public relations problem beckoned. The Blair government's current "generous" contribution is one-sixteenth of the £800m it spent on bombing Iraq before the invasion and barely one-twentieth of a £1bn gift, known as a soft loan, to the Indonesian military so that it could acquire Hawk fighter-bombers."

Read it and weep.

And. Following a little outrage, but not so that anybody I know noticed, The Civil Contingencies Bill, Blair's hilarious answer to the Patriot Act, has been revised. You'll be glad to know it is just as terrifying, and they can still suspend parliment and stick us all in camps in the event of a flood. Goody.

I am full of sadness, fear, outrage, dread... but hope claws at my whiskers. Chavez gives me hope. People give me hope.